Simplified coloring techniques, styling products and hair education.



I created Mane Ivy with the goal of empowering women to ask for what they want and feel great about it. An appointment at my salon often feels like a therapy session for both me and my clients, and after 20 years behind the chair, I want to bring that inspirational energy to women all over the world. My formulas that feel ultra-luxe and are easy to use, regardless of the time or the money you have to spend on your hair. So go ahead, prioritize yourself: You come first, always.

We take a holistic approach to HAIR

Through online and in-person education, we don't want you to just use our products. We want you to understand them and become experts with them.


You’re sexy, real, and don’t tolerate any BS (including bad styling), so let go of what doesn’t serve you and come play with us at Mane Ivy. After collaborating with my color clients for 20 years, I’ve learned what women want out of life and their hair, and that’s confidence, indulgence, and growth. My products promote healthier hair while simplifying styling to look and feel effortlessly gorgeous, so you can bring the best and most empowered version of yourself to every facet of your life.

Michelle Zeller, color expert and Mane Ivy founder